Albergo Diffuso Polcenigo Srl

Cjasa de Viola e de Sofia

Mezzomonte di Polcenigo

"Ciasa de Viola e de Sofia" is located in the historical hilly hamlet of Mezzomonte, very close to the main town square. The accommodation is in the most historically significant area of the hamlet (circa 18th century) which stands on a sort of "natural balcony" at 479 metres above sea level and is renowned in the whole region for the amazing panoramic view over the Friulian plain. Moreover in Mezzomonte you can enjoy a pleasant mild climate the whole year through, thanks to the sunny location sheltered from the cold winds blowing from Mount Cavallo.

In 2013 the building was completely renovated on the basis of a project by architect Andrea Ceolin. Conservative restoration combined with green-building techniques: the old façades, the stone staircase and the characteristic wooden balcony were faithfully restored according to the traditional local architecture; nevertheless the interiors were remodelled into more functional and comfortable residential units.

Ciasa de Viola e de Sofia features a beautiful private garden, cosy, peaceful and panoramic, while the interiors are finely furnished with unique traditional wooden furniture collected by the restorer (and daughter of the owner) Mrs Ingrid Ceolin.

Fresh in summer, warm and cosy in winter, this accommodation offers its guests comfort and wellbeing all year long.