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The fair dedicated to the art of basket making ("Thest" is the Friulian word for basket) has very ancient origins dating back to the 14th century. It takes place every year at the first weekend of September. In the past it took place near the Santissima Sanctuary, not far from the sources of the Livenza River and it was nothing more than a small market where peasants could buy woven baskets. In the 20th century the festival moved from Santissima to Polcenigo, becoming the main local event of the year.
In the past only a small number of basket makers, coopers, peasants and local producers in general used to arrive in Polcenigo the day before the grape harvest, so the event resembled more of a market than a fair.
But today the event is so popular that it attracts basket makers and artisans even from far away. There are several stands and many artisans also weave baskets on the spot, showcasing their extraordinary skills. Thousands of people gather in the main square of Polcenigo to admire and buy the typical artefacts used in everyday life. And there is a wide range of products to choose from: wicker and reed baskets, wooden and leather artefacts as well as pottery! Over the last few years the variety of goods has expanded to encompass artistic handicrafts too.
To celebrate this event the gardens and courtyards of the historical palaces of Polcenigo open their doors to the public, to musicians and to artisans organising workshops.
Indeed, the "Sagra dei Sest" is enriched also by cultural and recreational initiatives such as theatrical performances, exhibitions, and a wide range of concerts.



Every weekend of October, Mezzomonte (Province of Polcenigo) hosts an open-air fair dedicated to the local chestnuts. Chestnut trees have been part of this territory since the 13th century, when they were also called "bread trees" because chestnuts represented an important source of nourishment for the poor.



The fair dedicated to cyclamens takes place in August and it is the occasion to enjoy the renowned "sled race": a very entertaining competition on sleds once used to transport logs and hay!